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Guys last night was amazing!!!!!! I apologize in advanced because my phone i was using for pics ran out of memory so i didnt get to video every song but they played soo many songs!!! ill do a fully detailed post once i transfer my pics over. I kid you not i almost died when i saw GD for sound check , As soon as i heard his voice i went extreme fangirl. And Daesung was hilarious last night i couldnt record all his nonsense but he is hilarious made me fall even more in love with him
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@Marilovexoxo I was too, especially when he took half a minute to rotate around the camera. 😂😂
I know haha and I love how seungri didnt know how to react to Daesungs nonsense and hes soo cute when he was like " I Dont like you guys........Seriously I really dont like you guys ...I dont like you guys....I love you guys"
I know! he ruined my bias list completely. lol
lol @giselacampos14 GD is still my number one but daesung is definitely top of my list now haha
Lol. that's good.