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coment your answer.Yes or No?
I don't think so. While it is true that Thor's hammer was forged with Iron, the hammer itself is imbued with godly magic. Even if Magneto could lift it, I think Mjolnir would reject him and be able to fight off his influence.
If he is worthy lol!
@NickMcCormick. I love Highschool dxd for the story not the boobs and stuff!
i'd say no but since issei from high school dxd can lift it in his red dragon knight form, then I'm not really sure.
Thor's hammer is made of an mythical metal not known to earth and is made of different qualities than our metal and meatal that magneto controls. in a issue I read Thor threw his hammer at magneto and magneto was unable to stop the hammer from hitting him therefore I believe magneto cannot lift Thor's hammer with his powers
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