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hello I'm ben and i'm new here. i need some advice on what do about edward elric's automail arm. i plan to get the jacket but i really don't want to rip it just to show off the arm. i could carry it but 90% of the time in the anime he wears the jacket concealing his arm and i would like to be as accurate as possible, any thoughts? should I just bite the bullet and modify the jacket or leave the jacket out entirely? thanks
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@bensdraco that's what we're here for! lol don't worry i always get similar feedback from peopel when i'm planning stuff too XD
thanks guys this really helped. i feel real dumb for not thinking of this stuff,but i guess when you're thinking all about the big stuff you need some one else to point out the small stuff
since there are moments when he is carrying it I think you could do that if you do wanna do the full arm sometimes too!
actually that's not a bad idea. thanks馃槉
well thanks anyways good feedback i guess i will post pictures if i pull it off
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