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If I had a dog and that dog didn't want to be with me anymore, don't you think I would have let it go? Sure, it'd be selfish because I gave him a place to stay, but wouldn't it be more selfish of me? Lets say I beat the dog, I starve it, and I treat the other dogs better would it still be considered selfish of me? (I don't do this to my dogs. They're all very precious to me) Who would really be the selfish one? Now SM, here's the thing, calling Luhan, Tao, and Kris selfish isn't going to clean what you did. They left for a reason because just like how 'I' treated that dog, you treated them. Keeping them unhappy and unfree from the world, is that what you want? Nothing, can undo what you've done to them. Yes you can wash your hands with money but under the skin, the hurt, the pain will still be there. Now, SM who's the real selfish one? ~~~ Ps. I don't mistreat my dogs, they're al very precious to me and I treat them with great care.
You tell them girl
@MichelleIbarra so true, I mean look at what happened to Tvxq, I totally blame SM for sinking one of my greatest ships Yunjae lol
They do have a history of idols leaving
besides SM don't think there's a reason your artists keep leaving, I mean U've got a history, if I'm not mistaken