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So I'm looking to cosplay as Erza in the Daisho Con coming up and I don't know which armour would be a cool one to do. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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@FernandoGarza You are right, they are all awesome. I've just never cosplayed before so I'm not really sure what I'm doing nor do I have an experience in making clothing haha
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@Faelidora I recommend starting on something simple and the Japanese cloth is perfect look up some videos and the more you make the Better you'll get so you can make the more complex stuff good luck with whatever you decide X)
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@FernadoGarza Thank you very much for your advice!
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I personally think japanese cloth!! it'd be a good one to start with and then work up from there @Faelidora just like @FernandoGarza said!
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@hikaymm Thank you for your imput as well!
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