We have made it through Round 2 everyone!
We roughly had 36 people vote for every pairing, so thank you guys so much for being so active and delightful. I know I say that all the time, but I really wouldn't be doing these if I didn't have such a wonderful community that was so engaged and awesome.
Anyway. I'll stop gushing over my love for ya'll.
Man, the votes were SUPER CLOSE in some of the matches this week.
We had one match that needed to be chosen by my tie breaker vote, and two others that were only tipped in scales by the very last person. So she really ended up being the tie breaker for those guys.
I am a little (ALOT) sad to see the Infinite boys both go, but we still have a good bracket going.
Also the female version of this bracket is also up:


I am just as excited as you are Taeyeon.
Before we can before, I gotta say those pesky rules and things.
So this card, I will keep up and active until Friday, then on Friday I will close this guy, tally up all these beautiful votes that you have blessed me with, and then we will be moving on to the Semi-Finals Card.
That is right guys. This card is the Quarter Finals. It's crazy.
Voting goes like this: Go down the number list 1-6, choose who you think is the better Rapper out of each pair, then vote in the comments your 1-6 choices!
Now, I am not good at simple math, so I didn't realize that my brackets would indeed end up ending at the same time. That is fantastic! Who knew?
Anyway that is not important.
Got the rules?
Here is the link to the first card that has the clips of each rapper that I included, but if you wanna use your own findings or do your own research, do that because you are the ruler of your own domain.
Let's get voting!
1. Rap Monster (BTS) VS Suga (BTS)
2. G-Dragon (BIGBANG) VS Minho (SHINee)
3. TOP (BIGBANG) VS Chanyeol (EXO)
4. J-Hope (BTS) VS Jackson (Got7)
5. Heechul (Super Junior) VS Bobby (iKon)
6. Mark (Got7) VS Ravi (VIXX)
Okay there is round 3! We are voting to see who will make it into the Semi-finals ya'll so dig deep. Find that perfect rapper.
Also, let us send our love and affection for the competitors that did not make it through last week's bracket.
We still love you and you can rap your face off. Though not literally. Unless you are in SHINee's Married to the Music MV.
Also does anyone even read all this mumbo jumbo I write? Cause I tend to babble. So sorry.
Hopefully I got all of you...I just keep adding to the original list so if you are repeated or want off, then just message me and I shall remove you.
Happy voting ya'll!
The fact that BTS has been paired against each other!!! That's really not fair!! And what is this YG VS SM thing going on here!? :-D I'm glad that Jackson is still in the tournament... However I'm not happy that he's been paired with J-Hope... Makes me sad. :-( AND!! ILHOON IS GONE!! >_<
1. Rap Mon (still love Suga though) 2. GD 3. T.O.P 4. J-Hope (seriously if you haven't heard him on the cyphers you seriously need to) 5. Bobby (he won SMTM for goodness sake XD) 6. Ravi For the record I do read your mumbo jumbo, because I enjoy it, thanks for the hard work you put into these @baileykayleen it is greatly appreciated ^-^
1. (whyyyyyy) so sorry RM. I vote for Suga 2.G-Dragon 3. TOP 4.(you really must like messing with me) J-Hope you will always be my hope, but my vote is going to Jackson. 5.Bobby 6.Mark( I still love you Ravi) You make me feel like I'm cheating on my biases for other biases.
Suga. G-Dragon. T.O.P J-Hope. Bobby. Ravi.
Suga (This was the hardest question in my life) GD Chanyeol J-Hope Heechul Mark
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