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So I'm in the navy and I go underway alot. unfortunately that means I don't have much Internet access while I'm at sea. I need a good list of anime to get so I have something to watch in the small amount of free time I get. So far I've seen One piece Death note Naruto Bleach Dragon Ball z Toradora Kiss X Sis High school of the dead Another Love Hina Aldnoah zero Gundam Yu yu hakusho Terror in Tokyo Case closed Tenchi Muyo Ruroni Kenshin Toriko parasyte Mirai Nikki my little monster Hentai prince and the stony cat I've seen so many more, but I cant think of all of them and it would take me forever to write the whole thing. So anyone know a few I should definitely watch? Thanks in advance ^-^
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cowboy bebop fairy tail GTO Hellsing Macross Ranma 1/2 FLCL
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gintama or hunter x hunter
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Code Geass R1 & R2
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Deadman Wonderland, Trigun, Hellsing...
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Tokyo Ghoul, Ouron High School Host Club, Kyoukai no Kanata, Your Lie in April, Noragami, The Devil is a Part-Timer
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