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**ANGSTY RANT** So after finding out that Gohn and Kidoh have left Topp Dogg the fans have gone berserk and it is unacceptable! HOW DARE YOU. HOW DARE YOU. How dare you send hate to Nakta And Hansol telling Stardom that they should kick them out because they are useless. HOW DARE YOU make them feel like crap when you know they need the support the most. HOW DARE YOU make them feel like this when they have a comeback.
it makes me so mad because Hansol actually asked you guys to stop but you insist on making then feel like shit and they have done nothing wrong. And I just feel like crying because I LOVE them to bits and if they disband because of all the drama I SWEAR TO GOD Ill go on a rampage. PLEASE STOP WITH THE HATE.
@kpopandkimchi I know ;-;
@CheyenneJessee ahh thanks for your support
I heard that two members left but not that there was fandom issues after that :( So sad!!
um, Im sorry to hear. I've not heard of much about them but if my vixx was going through that or 2pm id be exactly like you right now.