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First off. I didn't mean to sound like I was pointing fingers. It was just a mere observation of what I see and hear all the time, all year around. I would like to see a day Native/Indigenous Day across the Untied States, for the Native people on this entire Continent. But of all months in the year, why is November, Native American month?
Woah, chill. I'm native too. But I'm not just native, I'm also Irish, German, among others. Most natives are 1/2 or less today, so getting upset about that would deny my entire existence. It angers me of course but I'm not mad at some man who accidently stumbled upon America thinking it was India.
Who wants to be reminded of the beginning of the annihilation of an entire race? This land was already claimed. But because we didn't have paper work saying that we owned it, it was there for the taking? The American Continent was inhabited, my ancestors lived here. There are whole tribes that no longer exist because they were massacred because of this. I'M sorry that people seen to remain ignorant of the facts or the history that followed.
No more Columbus Day
Aparently there's a town in Arkansas also doing Indigenous Peoples day, but no one is recognising them on any of this stuff :(
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