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We've been waiting for this, and the time has finally come.

Matt Harvey is going to pitch a playoff game.
One of the league's loudest (and undeniably one of its best, too) pitchers, playing in the league's loudest market, is finally going to get a chance to strut his stuff on the big stage.

And I couldn't be happier about it.

This series is going to get ugly. There's no question about it.
The Mets have essentially stolen home field advantage and now have to win a best-of-three series with Games 1 and 2 at home in Queens. That's doable, and it's all thanks to that huge win in Game 1 vs. Clayton Kershaw.
But that means the Dodgers are desperate. They have to steal a game at home and hope to go back to California with a chance.
It's going to get chippy after the Chase Utley - Ruben Tejada incident. These two teams are not going to be happy with one another.
That means the winning team will most likely be the team that is best able to control its emotions and play baseball, all distractions aside.

Matt Harvey is the perfect man for the job.

Harvey's the King of Cool. No stage is too big for him. He's going to get it done.

There's so much on the line tonight. Harvey's reputation, for one - he's been criticized heavily for the innings limit debacle, but tonight he can put that all behind him with a strong, confident performance. Settling the score after Utley broke Tejada's leg - Harvey can do that, too, by challenging the Dodgers' players on the inside of the plate. Oh yeah - there's a game to win, too. Harvey can lead the Mets to a 2-1 series lead if he goes out and does what he's capable of tonight.
I'm nervous, but I'm excited. First home playoff game in 9 years? Citi Field is going to be rocking. Harvey's the man I want up on the hill tonight.

He can do the job the Mets need.

Haha are you watching the game right now? @DannyMoses
@jeff4122 What a game dude....Cespedes is def the sexiest player of the day haha