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Truly. I have never worn anything like this or have I ever seen anyone from my culture wear this. Even Miss Universe don't wear shit like this. When I was in Job Corps, a very long time ago like back in 1991 right after H.S graduation, One of the dorm staff dressed up as Native American. We laughed, because us Native students had a sense of humor. Before the end of the night, we decided to capture her, tie her up and cut her fake braids off. Good times, good times. Anyway... So this guy wrote this on FB awhile back, like last year and it makes a good point. Here are a couple screen shots. The link is under the photo above.
Me, personally, I really don't care but at the same time I hear what my people are saying, I feel their disgust. We had everything taken away from us and now people are coming to take what little we have left. Is this greed to own everything not ever satisfied? Take, take, take... like little kids.
And then a couple updated comments he made himself.
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I know exactly what you mean. we also need to understand our own educational privilege about the issue too, @ButterflyBlu. like you said not a lot of people realize what they are doing is wrong. explaining calmly and respectfully helps them understand WHY it is wrong.
@Matokokepa thank you for sharing this! When I was growing up a lot of kids were encouraged to dress like "Native Americans" during school pageants and stuff... and at the time nobody said anything. But looking back it's a really uncomfortable memory. It felt like the message we were being given was that Native American culture is dead and gone- a piece of history like the Greeks or Egyptians. Interesting but no longer relevant. And obviously that's not the case at all. The American government still is not giving enough support to the Native American community- and culturally speaking it seems like we carried those lessons I was taught with us. Costumes like this, to me, imply that this is an identity that's not really attached to a person. It's a symptom of a greater problem- that we don't look at people in the community in a way that is respectful. @ButterflyBlu @nicolejb I see what you mean. I feel like conversations like this are really frustrating, because often people don't want to learn, or they'd rather be stubborn than admit that they've made a mistake out of simple ignorance. And I can definitely sympathize with people who go off. There was a youtuber who made a really funny video a while back about this issue, and peoples' response was really vile (like, using racist slurs), because she had the audacity to speak on the subject. And it's incredibly hurtful to get those kinds of responses, and her audience felt very hurt as well.
I think the reason that people are so vile is that they think you are attacking them instead of the issue they are ignorant about. @shannonl5, I’m not saying it’s right, but if you try to frame it the best way you can and make it about the issue instead of the person as the problem, then they are more likely to understand.
Truthfully I never saw it as a problem. though I am only half native American. but I also don't care when people where things from other cultures I either have in my family or live myself
But of course it's all matter of opinion