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I decided my first post would be something I felt strongly about, please tell me I'm not the only one who still loves these games? I've played Origins 1573958 times. :)
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I'm actually playing DA2 right now. XD I have the rest of the games (Awakening, 2, and Inquisition). :P
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I played like 26 playthroughs of origin one summer, legit. Fem Hawke and Morrigan are the smexiest
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This summer all I've played was Dragon Age 2. haha.
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@AmberWest I played some of Inquisition over the summer and I really liked it (and by some I mean I finished the main quest but have yet to start doing the DA thing of playing it over and over again, hahaha)
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@paulisaghost I haven't finished it yet. My TV isn't right so the wording is waaaay too small for me to read. I have 20/20 vision and I can't read a thing. :/
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