And round 2 is in the books everyone!
We ended up with a total of 22 votes this week, so thank you guys so much for voting and being active! I was worried about the female bracket, but you guys are definitely making it worth the extra work.
Love ya'll!
You guys sure do have like, definite favorites in this bracket. No one was even relatively close to tying this time around.
Maybe it will be harder Round 3?
We shall soon see.
Don't mind me though, I'll just be over here crying that Miryo got voted off last round and didn't make it to this card.
If you haven't voted for them boy idols yet:
Shin, this adorable Cross Gene babe, is in deep contemplation of who he wants to vote for. (He also wants you to love him.)
Hold on Shin! I must tell you the rules so you aren't confused!
So this card, I will keep up and active until Friday, then on Friday I will close this guy, tally up all these beautiful votes that you have blessed me with, and then we will be moving on to the Semi-Finals Card.
That is right guys. This card is the Quarter Finals. It's crazy.
Voting goes like this: Go down the number list 1-4, choose who you think is the better Rapper out of each pair, then vote in the comments your 1-4 choices!
So after this week, we will have two cards left until the winner card is announced!
I like, totally miscalculated, and it will be coming out the same time as the male rap winner card comes out.
Math, you guys. It is hard.
Got the rules?
Here is the link to the first card that has the links to all the rapping done by these ladies, but by all means, I know many of you go off your own videos and vibes so just do your thing babes and it will be beautiful.
Let's get voting!
1. Yuna Kim (The Ark) VS Jia (MissA)
2. CL (2NE1) VS Jimin (AOA)
3. LE (EXID) VS Hyuna (4Minute)
4. Yura (Girl's Day) VS Amber (f(x))
Okay, 3rd round is done kids! This voting is who will make it into the Semis so lets get out there and pick those rappers!
My heart goes out to all the rappers who didn't make it last week, cough cough Miryo I love you, and congrats to all the ladies here this week.
Sorry I babble.
Love me.
I'm using the same list for male/female lists so if you want me to take you off just message me.

Happy voting!

1. Jia 2. CL 3. LE 4. Amber
Yuna Cl Hyuna Amber!
@MattK95 the sass on number 2 sir lol. I applaud it, since I agree. Although, I would have picked Miryo over Jimin any day, and Miryo over CL. And Miryo over the world. So...
1.Yuna 2.Jimin (sorry CL but this is a rap competition not a popularity contest T-T) 3. LE (clearly better, but I still love HyunA) 4. Amber I can't believe Miryo is gone she's freakin incredible T-T
1.Jia 2.CL 3.Hyuna 4. Amber
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