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So this is my first card though ive been on vingle for a couple of months now. please be nice, it took sleepless nights because im busy and i decided to do this last minute. I fingerpainted this on an I pad and I did this for his birthday. Jimin is freakin awesome. I honestly want to send this to him, but I don't know if i should. I'd like to read your thoughts on this. thanks you guys and happy birthday to the man WITH jams :D
YOU PAINTED THIS?! THIS IS AMAZING! Seriously, you need to post more of your art!!!!
@trinityarcangel I don't have a Twitter but I think I need to get me one lol and good!! I hope it goes well馃槃
awww again thanks. I just barely noticed that it looks blurry. I actually ended up putting it on Twitter, but since im new to that too I dont know if I sent it correctly.@CarlyHankins
@trinityarcangel no problem but fr you are crazily talented!! its amazing lol
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