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ooh ooh - 우 우 pretty - yeppeun baby - agi making me crazy - naleul michige mandeulgi beautiful - aleumdaun body - mom mouth - ib
mom - eomma a song for you - dangsin-eul-wihan nolae I love you - naneun dangsin-eul salang haeyo ok - geulae something - mueos-inga I miss you - nan dangsin-i geuliwoyo I'll do better - nan dangsin-i geuliwoyo
goodluck- jal-dwae-seu-myeon jo-ket-da fall in love together - hamkke salang-e ppajige I like you - na neol jo-a-hae In my dream last night you and I walked walk hand in hand - eo-jet-bam kkum-cheo-reom neo-wa na du-ri son-eul jap-go geo-reu-myeo
love - salang love equation - salang bangjeongsig happiness - haengbog break up - kkaejida song - nolae eye bright - nuni busin
beautiful - yeppeoseo this is love - sarangingabwa The day our love began - uri sarangi sijakdoen nal under the sky - haneul arae I wanna hug you - neoreul ango sipeosseo
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I just wanted to comment on the romanization: ㄹ can be romanized to 'r' and 'l' but typically I noticed in the middle of a word it's got a small rolled r and only pronounced l when it's at the beginning of a word. Like korea you would say with a slightly rolled r in the middle instead of l. So it should be romanized to sarang etc but anyway thank you! I'll clip this and study the words I don't know~
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aye! kevin ^.^ ♡♡
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i hate romanization!
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how do u hate romanization that is how u read Korean too be easy
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