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The hottest spot to grab a meal from is within a college students dorm room.
That's right. In the city that never sleeps, Manhattan's finest are going bonkers for food made in a college dorm.
Who says decor and ambiance matter? Word on the street is the food is amazing, even if it is made in his bedroom!

Reider began serving prix fixe meal to groups of three to four people on the weekends at his supper club, which he calls Pith.

Kids and adults have caught wind of the food and have signed up for reservations. Things are so hot that hes filled up until December.
Columbia hasn’t interfered yet with Reider’s project, but that might be because he’s not actually turning a profit. (Running a real business out of a dorm room would be against university rules.) Each meal is around $15 a person, give or take, because it’s based entirely on the cost of the ingredients for that night’s menu.
“Eating ended up being a really important part of my social experience because I love cooking for people and my friends were always happy to come eat my food.”
Reider is hoping to one day open his own restaurant — a “snack bar” that combines art and music into a small space.Something tells me he won't have any problem finding financial backing when the time comes.
@allischaaff So...what did your friends make at their "secret bakery"? ;)
Hahahah @nicolejb he's definitely my type!! 😆 this is so cool. I wish I had thought of something like this in college. Some of my friends ran a "secret bakery" out of their house every few months, and I loved participating in that!!
What a cool entrepreneur idea! haha this guy is totally putting his talent to use. @allischaaff, I feel like you would date this guy in college. haha ;)
you guys are hilarious.. with that being said this kid is awesome, I would love to do a sitdown with him and cook a dish, Watching him do "more with less" in the kitchen is probably amazing!
What kind of treats did they make in this “secret bakery”?! ;)
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