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This is my card dedicated to my first drama, Boys Over Flowers!! Thank you @kpopandkimchi for creating this challenge. This is my own version of the main cast. :)

Goo Joon Pyo

Actor: Kim Woo Bin Thw perfect actor who could play the tough, coldhearted. stubborn guy with a lonely background. But when he meets the right girl he opens up his heart and learns about true love.

Guem Jan Di

Actor: Yoona (Girl's Generation) Can be the cutest little thing but also has a backbone and won't stand for anythings that's not right. Also loves family above all.

Ga Eul

Actor: CL (2ne1) Always there to help her best friend when she's in trouble. Will be her protector at times of her weakness but is also looking for her soulmate.

Ji Hoo

Actor: Lee Jong Suk The talented, loving, and caring 2nd lead with an also very troubled background. The appearance of a particular girl also sparks his interest and changes his life in the better.

Woo Bin

Actor: The optimistic, carefree, guy with a knack for speaking English lol. He will always be the one who sees the good in a situation and has the good advice.

Ji Suk

Actor: Kai The sexy, cunning, artistic playboy who doesn't believe in love due to a personal experience. But when he tries to pull one on a special girl she teaches him that there's always a chance at love.

I tag any fellow Drama Lovers!!!!! And if you haven't watched this drama I suggest it 100%.

this is an excellent k drama my first actually
@CarenBoykins Mine too!!!
WHAT!? You're going to make Jandi choose between woobin and jongsuk!? ARE YOU INSANE.
@kpopandkimchi Lol it would make for a good drama at least