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@RaelEbba - Absolutely! I'd take the Smores over the Mocha. I've never cared for the mocha... it's got a slightly different texture... I'd describe it as almost chalky. It's very strong. The Smores is a little too sweet for my taste. Right now I have a case of "Pumpkin Spice" Frappuccino ' s from Starbucks in my fridge. Like the Smores they are a little sweet for me. I usually get a case of whatever Costco has at the time. That's how I've tasted the mocha, smores, and pumpkin spice... if it were not for the deal you can get on a case of 24 at Costco, I'd probably not have any Frappuccino flavors in my daily coffee routine; I prefer to brew my own from a mixture of fresh beans that I grind each morning. If I'm driving and there's no Starbucks shop nearby when I stop for fuel... I'll grab a Double Shot ( the original ones in the small dark can - not the newer energy drink ones) and a coffee Frappuccino if they have them at the gas station. Honestly, I have a close childhood friend whose grown up to become a world cupping coffee judge and he says Starbucks is "Okay" but never a top brand for flavor in his opinion. And I say that I think their coffee tastes great in my opinion, what I like is that regardless where I am in the world - if I stop in a Starbucks Coffee and get my choice drink... it's consistently good no matter where I am. I like that. it's always what I expect.
original flavors are always some of the best, but it's good to mix it up
I've never tried the s'mores. I'll try finding it first before I can judge
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