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For this chapter get the song, 'Again and Again' by Yozoh. **Amber's P.O.V.** I've had a few lyrics in my mind that I've been wanting to show Ash, but I'm a little bit scared.. These lyrics basically tell her that I like her and it's just.. ugh, very confusing. I fell for her harder than I thought and it's been a while since I've felt this way.. 2 years actually. Oh Victoria. She was my girlfriend of 3 years who one day told me that she didn't love me anymore... **Flashback** "Hey Amber?" I heard a voice call. I turned around and saw my beautiful girlfriend Victoria. She looked bothered by something and I quickly rushed towards her and took her hands in mine. To my surprise she moved her hands behind her back and wouldn't look at me. "Is something wrong?" I asked getting worried. "I.. I can't do this anymore... I'm sorry.. let's break up.." She said looking down. "Did I do something wrong? Please don't do this to me!" I said tears coming out already. "I-I'm sorry Amber... it's just that.. I don't love you anymore.." She turned around and ran. **end of flashback** That was the last time I ever saw her. Look at me Victoria, I'm actually in love again and this time it's not you. ~~~ I was walking to the store when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked back and saw Victoria.. I felt myself tense up. She looked beautiful. Her long brown straight hair flowing in waves. She's wearing a white crop top covered by a black leather jacket and black short shorts with converse. She looks much more beautiful now.. "Amber?" Her voice brought me back to reality. "Victoria?" I managed out in a small voice. "Oh it's really you! I missed you!" She squeeled as she jumped on me and hugged me. I was too much in shock to say anything which caused her to giggle. "Wanna hang out?" She asked me, that sparkle in her eyes that made me fall for her in the past now visible.. again.. "Uhh.. I can't. I'm sorry." I turned the other way but stopped when I felt a small hand grab mine. "Please? I miss you." I sigh as I looked at her. "Okay." I said and she jumped up and down. I couldn't help but smile a bit as we headed somewhere else. Maybe I do miss her?.. ~~~ "So then I fell off the boat and started singing, 'Just keep swimming' as I swam towards the shore" I laughed at how she told me her stories during her camping days. We were sitting on a bench at a park while eating ice cream and just catching up when she stood up and extended her hand. I looked at her hand then at her. She smiled and I took her hand which made her smile grow. (Start the music!) She placed my hand on her waist and took my other hand in hers, as she placed her left hand on my shoulder. We started dancing as she placed her forehead against mine. I felt my heart stop as we made eye contact. Oh Ash why am I thinking of you when I'm here?... We were both leaning in and just as our lips touched there was a sound of a branch breaking. My head whipped fast to where the sound came from. Expecting an animal I only saw a fringe of long black hair. "Who's there?" Victoria asked to the girl. A girl arose from the bushes, her back to us. "Who's there!?" Victoria said her voice louder now. The girl flinched and turned around, in the dark I would've thought it I was only imagining it, but when I saw her blue eyes I knew instantly who it is. "Ash.." I said which came out as a whisper. We made eye contact and I couldnt tell what her emotions were. "Ash.." I said again as I stepped towards her. She ran away and I felt my heart break a little as I saw her running away from me. I was about to go after her when Victoria grabbed my arm. "Are you leaving me for her?" She asked. I looked back to where Ash ran away to and then back at Victoria. Should I go or should I stay? I'm sorry...
I want to thank you guys, for those who have kept reading this story (: If it weren't for you guys, I would have stopped writing this. Requested tags; @CrystalBlunt @shannonl5 @VixenViVi @kpopandkimchi @aimeeH @baileykayleen @AnnahiZaragoza @CheniseLewis @jalizaflores
Dont stop, they need to sing their song still XD
oh my god... I hope her and Ash get together!!
EEEEEEEEEE oh no!!!!!!!
Yes I'm way too attached for you to stop :) But dang it Victoria why must you be beautiful and ruin everything! Go get Ash Amber!!!!