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Lets call a spade a spade: The gamut of injuries caused by sliding this year have been an eyesore on the MLB.
None have been more pivotal than the injury to Tejada caused by Chase Utley's tackle.
The league has stepped in and delivered a two game suspension to Utley. HOF infielder Craig Biggio has shared his thoughts on the incident and hopes the league won't change any rules, even though many injuries have happened this year.
"I just hope the game doesn't change the way they did with the home-plate thing. I hate this thing back here," said Biggio, pointing behind home plate at Minute Maid Park. "I'm not a big fan of it. This game is played by big men. They're fast, and unfortunately sometimes things are going to happen.
Biggio then followed it up by stating "It's like every time somebody gets hurt, we're changing the rules. They do it in college, where you have to slide straight into the base. I think that's absolutely, 100 percent correct, because you have a bunch of amateur players who are playing a little kamikaze at times. You have to control those guys. Guys in the minor leagues and the big leagues understand the way you're supposed to slide. If you don't slide the right way, usually your pitcher will take care of that."
While I am an Utley fan, I see no way he can walk away from this without negative remarks. In regards to Biggio @mchlyang @jeff4122 @dannymoses do you think we should change the rules?
I dont think baseball is too slow or soft, takes a lot to stand in the box and let someone throw a ball at you 95 mph.. lots of courage, lol. In regards to the rule, we have seen WAY TOO MANY solid players.. pivotal players go down due to this slide issue. The has to be stiffer penalties or a rule change. Trust me, if the game loses a superstar for a reason because of this it could hurt the game so much
@Shippudenguy21 Ahhh I see. I guess you want baseball to become more aggressive. Well I agree with you on that one. It would def attract more crowd. A lot of baseball haters are saying baseball's too slow and soft. But I think that's also the beauty of the sport. And I am sure they would not call it slow if they have to go against Chapman's 100mph fastball.
perhaps your right @mchlyang, a two game punishment IS'NT enough, but even if my favorite player was injured due to someone elses mistake then i would want them to have a severe punishment, but i wouldnt want any rules to be changed over the incedent. it, in my eyes, would ruin the fun of the sport.
@Shippudenguy21 Would you still be against changing the rule if one of your favorite players got injured like that? I don't know...sometimes rules need to change for the advancement of the game itself. And a two-game suspension is not enough for this kind of action by Utley.
i dont think this should affect the way the sport is played. any more rule changes and it wont be the same baseball we all know.
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