With her consciousness locked up tight in the little (infinitely ginormous) blue police box, the Doctor galavanting about all time and space, and the endless line of companions being shuffled in and out, it is easy to forget that the T.A.R.D.I.S is a character, too. We were reminded of this in "The Doctor's Wife" (written by Neil Gaiman...squeeee!)
I liked this doctor he made the story interesting I didn't like the last one so much
@DerrickAldana yeah. I'm sure we've got a while to wait until we get a new one :( I haven't even started the new season yet tho
@BeannachtOraiba it's ok I was behind for a while to then I got a vacation and stayed home and caught up lol you will get there. when you do let me know what you think I'd like to here your opinion.
haha ok @BeannachtOraibh what episode are you on
@chosenknight I know exactly how you feel I hope they continue and make a new doctor. But I don't know we're the story would go now after what happened in the last episode
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