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Good news football fans: Monday Night Football is on the way!
Tonight we have a monster matchup as the San Diego Chargers take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. This one may be a hard one to call due to pivotal injuries.
If you are on the fence and worried you may pick the wrong team, have no fear! I will help you pick the right one in this matchup.
The Chargers over the past decade has been one of the hardest teams to predict.
Phillip Rivers is the leader of the extremely talented but shaky team. They drafted a solid running back this year in Melvin Gordon and they also have a rising wide out in Keenan Allen.
The Chargers will be able to put up some points, but so can the Steelers. Pittsburgh have two superstars in wide out Antonio Brown and running back Leveon Bell. While quarterback Ben Rothlistberger is out due to an injury, they can lean on Bell to provide balance in the running game.
The Steelers will make enough big plays to win this one. Plug and Play Pittsburgh with confidence.
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yoo that's wussup homie your good the steelers won good info...
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@michlyang nah my team is miami I jus had a little bet going and this was jus the info I needed
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