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Alright, so here's a competition. The official, cannon, Spartan hero of all life in the universe. Against the super badass, non-cannon, walking armory of a super soldier. We've got John-117, the Master Chief. Fighting against him is Allison (a.k.a. Tex), the Freelancer. Each one of them highly skilled in all manner of weaponry and masters of hand-to-hand combat. So I leave it to you all. Who would win in a fight between these two? And I want explanations for your choices. No one-word answers please. :) So... Opinions?
@coonsech @VinMcCarthy Really, I think this fight would boil down to how long Chief's luck would hold out, and how lucky he would be.
@VinMcCarthy We don't know how far Tex's "experience" goes. She was designed, made, and successfully made the complete illusion that she was human for years. While it's true that Master Chief has more field experience, for all we know, Tex could have been programmed with combat scenarios from every recorded war in history. She could even have some of the Spartan training program in her.
I'd still have to give it to chief. Chief has the most actual battle experience, the luck, and the boosted strength and endurance. Tex is limited by the scope of her experience. Chief literally flew a bomb through space into a covenant ship to explode it. And that was only in the second game.
@coonsech While that's true, we can actually compare Tex to a Spartan. The majortiy of the freelancers aren't as strong as a Spartan, but a few choice few like Tex and Maine are more than enough of a challenge. Considering, Maine (The Meta) is actually enhanced physically almost exactly like a Spartan, and Tex was never actually alive. She was an android. The only reason Tex hasn't come back is because her entire existence was wiped... code, programming, everything was gone after she got trapped inside the hard Epsilon unit
Also Tex has fought against other Freelancers, but we don't really know how they compare to Master Chief. Also she has died before in combat so that should also be considered.
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