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First, let me just say this:

Thank you.

Thank you for being an amazing photographer and friend!

Thank you for always being willing to work with us cosplayers, and for helping us to capture the moments we'll always be able to look back on fondly.
Thank you for spending your convention days focused on capturing and bringing to life the characters we both love.
Thank you for getting excited with me about the photos as we create them, and the results as we enjoy them together!
Thank you for meeting us early in the morning so that we can get proper light, and moving spots throughout the day as we work on creating our masterpieces. Thank you for going out of your way to make the perfect shot work.
(Photo by Ivan Tong)
Thank you for carrying around so much gear--so many lenses and more--just to make sure you have what you need to capture the most beautiful shot.
Thank you for working with us to create art out of our individual arts--mine cosplay. Yours, photography.
Thank you help me figure out how to pose when I'm not sure what to do (I'm still working on that one, haha!)
Thank you for taking beautiful pictures at every con I can't attend, so I can be there with you and my other friends in spirit as I scroll through your albums.

Just...thank you for being amazing!

There are so many other things that our cosplay photographers do for us, whether they are professional, amateur, paid or unpaid. Let's not forget to thank them!
I was inspired to write this card after thinking about how much I miss going to conventions, and promptly realizing that a huge part of why I miss going there is because I miss being able to meet up with my friend Ken (@yenra, yenraphotography.com) and create art together! Taking photos with Ken is always somewhat like a dream--the experience itself is always enjoyable and amazing, but enjoying his work with him as he posts them online after the conventions is always a blast as well. He knows how to work with people, how to highlight their best features, and does a great job of focusing on the friendship and personality that goes into creating amazing cosplay photographs!

Thank you, Ken! And I can't wait to see you at Katsucon :)

All photos in this card (unless otherwise stated) were taken by Ken of yenraphotography.com! Please check out his amazing work!
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These pictures are absolutely amazing! I don't know much about Cosplay, but wow! Very very cool! I'll be sure to look at his work. Plus you all look awesome :)