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Really, I didn't even know that! Well we learn something new everyday!
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@chris98vamg yeah I actually feel really bad for her... she was an amazing writer and her husband basically was super jealous... she actually claimed that she wrote a lot of Gatsby and his response was to have her put away for "insanity"...... F. Scott Fitzgerald was a jerk and a half
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Wow that is a really bad experince to have!@shannonl5
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HAHAHAHA!! I love this 馃槅 馃槀馃槀馃槀 it's so true lol I've been one of those when I was little always thought he was ZELDA lol x)
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yeah but not to many people know that twice opon a time he did die but that don't change the fact that it still my favourite game franchise along with kingdom hearts
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