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I am all out of my favourite shows!!!
I have ran Netflix dry of Fate: Stay Night
And there's no more Sword Art Online either! I watched it all...
I need to wait till the Christmas special to watch more Sherlock...
I finished up Fate Zero...
I have no clue how long it is until the next Doctor Who episode comes out...
And I finished off Sword Art Online 2 in a day and a half.
So you must tell me, oh ever so lovely Vinglers... Based on what I've already watched, what should I watch now?
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@AlexanderBeta that's super cool!!
@AlexanderBeta let me know if you end up watching ^_^ I'm always happy to flail with people after they first see something I like
Is SAO2 actually finished yet???
@shannonl5 Will do! @gearmaster I'm not exactly sure...
SAO is my favorite anime, but I decided to wait to watch 2 till it was all out. It was giving me too much anxiety to wait between each 1