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Let me introduce you to Jill, she is one of the main characters of the RE franchise along with her partner Chris.
The RE franchise started in March of 1992 (side note, that typewriter was your save point in the game). Resident Evil 1 started with Chris and Jill trying to find out what was going on with the Umbrella Corporation. they wandered through a mansion that had so many different horrors and very little ammunition.
Background information : Jill Valentine is an SOA ( Secret Operations Agent) of the BSAA( Bio terrorism Security assessment alliance) She was the Co founder of the BSA and spear headed to put a stop to Bio terrorism. Before all of this she was apart of the STARS police force and a former Delta. Jill is trained and very deadly. Along with beauty and smarts.
She decated most of her adult life rid the world of Bio terrorism with little to no support from the government at all. She has defended herself against zombies, hunters, dogs, crows and of course the Nemesis.
Jill went accross to Europe to find out any more information and finally put a stop to this bio threat. Jill was not alone during her travels she had her partner Chris with her as well. She always thought of others first which led to this..
fortunately Jill was not dead and she was saved by the man that helped start it all Albert Wesker. The only reason that Jill was saved was for Albert to perform test on her and to torture Chris further.
Jill has also made it to the silver screen, which I will say, they did not do her character any justice. To show her true leadership skills and knowledge.
They did pick a great actress to play her character however just like comic book movies, video game movies are sometimes a bust. Btw there is no project Alice in resident evil!
In summary, Jill Valentine ♥ is one of my favorite female characters in video games and she deserves shine. She beautiful, kicks butt and has the smarts to back it up. @shannonl5
@dasiab lol that is because of the little bit of ammon lol, they are cheap with it. And I must say the game has changed a lot over the years, if you go play the first one now it was full of puzzles that actually made the gamer think. Fast forward to RE 6, I believe Ada has the most puzzles. That seek! I love her too lol
I know that made me mad too
Jill is freaken bad ass sexy! Haha ;)
She looks very badass!
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