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@shannonl5 This is one of my cards for ladies week. Note: May be spoilers so if you are waiting to watch Yona of the Dawn I'll try not to give huge spoilers but there may be some.
Yona is a fifteen year old princess who has led an extremely sheltered life.... until the night of her sixteenth birthday when everything is taken from her....
Her protector (Hak) saved her life and they ran. They were hunted and Yona was forced to either fight or die. With what had happened to her you couldn't have blamed her for wanting death, but she chose to live and fight to get back the kingdom that was taken from her. So starts her journey.
She's extremely fragile but she remains positive and learns to use a bow as she searches for the people who will become her guardians and friends. It's not easy for her to learn the bow, she was never allowed to hold a weapon before and it's exhausting and painful for her but she stays up and practices late into the nights.
She is forced to learn that the country she thought was perfect was actually filled with crime and suffering. She fights for justice with a terrifying determination though she is still not very strong. She places herself in the line of danger for the people in her kingdom.
I personally like characters who aren't born strong but they fight to be so. Everyone has weaknesses and it's not fair to hold us to standards where powerful women are just born that way. You can be strong and be "imperfect."
Love her but she needs to cut the shit and get with Hak already (only watch the anime, still in the beginning of the manga)
I'm really curious to see how this anime did in japan. I really enjoyed it and would live to see more, but wanting and getting more is based off Japan sales :\ Yona is great. Her devolpment and progression through the series was perfect. it wasn't like alot of animes where it's like, oh shit I'm about to die so let's get strong. she had to rely on Hak and crew for a good bit of it but wasn't afraid to fight if she had too. By far one of the best anime this year. It's in the top 5 or so in my book for this year. (When you're co.peting against Shokugeki no Soma and Lie in April, you're so.ething serious.) Great choice!!
Yona is one of my favorite characters and she has great development through out the series in both the anime and manga.
I was thinking about watching this show..... now I am DEFINITELY watching this show. lol thank you
@littlemaryk I haven't heard anything yet :/ @VinMcCarthy haha my list was empty two days ago and now I'm trying to watch all of one piece @SeintoSeiya haha I know! Hak is the only one for her!
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