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They were so adorable!!!! Especially how they felt "pity" for Leo XD Man, Leo is getting funnier and funnier, cuter and cuter EVERY SINGLE DAY!
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Same @StephanieDuong!! Our Leo is growing up fast... *tear tear*
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Leo is so precious...aaaah I love how soft spoken he is and I'm glad he opened up this much. (his smile kills me)
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@trashlord I guess since it's just him and Ravi, he takes the advantage rather when there's Ken and N who are the talkative ones
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the way they both reacted to the blind touching challenge was hilarious. poor Ravi had the fright of his life. and when Leo bumped his head, during the game where they had to move their legs and count how many times they did it, and Ravi put his hand behind Leo's head
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That was the cutest moment though! Ravi taking care of his suffering hyung ^^
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