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I want to say welcome to 3 awesome people who are new to our kpop family here. welcome @MingiKwonBH @KaileeKnox and @BTSjimin7hearts. we are one crazy kpop loving family here! so welcome and if you need any help just ask
these awesome new friends are also the admins on Bangtan Hearts Facebook page. they came up with a sweet project where we send to them our encouraging letters and or apologies for tgms rude and terrible behavior here in the US and they make origami hearts and they are going to put out letters in them and send it to the boys. check out there page and send BTS love https://www.facebook.com/groups/636808219755237/
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Welcome everyoneeee! I think that project is the cutest thing ever!
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Do you think we could maybe try one on Vingle one day? It might be hard to organize but I really want to do something like that!
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that would be awesome @kpopandkimchi!
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