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Why Apple Cider Donuts Are The BEST Part of Fall

Three words: Apple. Cider. Donuts. Oh yes. It's that time again.

Your favorite old fashioned cake donut, tinged with apple and rolled in sweet, finger-licking cinnamon sugar, is finally back. Check out these photos and see if you don't need one IMMEDIATELY by the end of this card.

Reason #1 You Need an Apple Cider Donut:

That sweet, sugary cinnamon coating, and how it adds just the right amount of sweetness to the old fashioned dough.

Reason #2 You Need an Apple Cider Donut:

That crispy exterior, flash-friend to golden brown perfection. Mmm.

Reason #3 You Need an Apple Cider Donut:

Their cakey interior, flavored with cider, perfectly soft and spongy. YASSS.

Reason #4 You Need an Apple Cider Donut:

They go great with your coffee! And tea, and apple cider, and water, and milk, and every beverage known to man...

Reason #5 You Need an Apple Cider Donut:


Reason #6 You Need an Apple Cider Donut:

They're not difficult to make at home! All you need is a sunny fall morning and basic baking tools. Let's do it!! :D

Reason #7 You Need an Apple Cider Donut:

SERIOUSLY, LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE WITH COFFEE. Or hot cider. Whatever that is. Either way, I need it!!!

In short:

I WANT AN APPLE CIDER DONUT SO BADLY RIGHT NOW. Brb, going to the closest farmers market.
In the meantime, you can make them yourself with this easy recipe from Dish n' That. :) Give them a go and tell us how they came out!!
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i live in louisville,ky,so i guess I am out of luck or is there another way to get them
Kentucky?! That's like comfort food central!! I'm sure you could find them near you :) Wait, actually, I just did a quick google search, and you should take an apple picking trip to this orchard one weekend!! It's about an hour away from you, but they sell apple cider donuts!!! :DDD http://www.evansorchard.com/ I bet you could find one closer, too
No problem! :D I just want to spread the love of apple cider donuts to everyone!!! Hahaha :) @SavioMenezes