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Im in a slump i dont know what to read just send me a list of anything and evrything you have this is just killing me. V .V ill take anything throw in some yaois and yuri if you could
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@NormanSmith Love Hina is a great one
@sledgehammer333 isnt it?!?! was i right for genre? what about his and hers circumstances? Log horizon is pretty good if your into stuff like .hack and SAO
@NormanSmith sadly I haven't read the rest of those. I started SAO but didn't finish it.
@sledgehammer333 tbh i never finished them as well i only finished the light novels lol
@gummibawrx. How about To love Ru, umi no misaki, suzuka, IO, Ayu Mayu, kimi no iru machi, toradora, seishun forget, mysterious girlfriend x, happy world, Fuuka, Mirai nikki, karin, nana, mar, salad days, rocket princess, open sesame, sankarea, gacha gacha secret, bitter virgin, aishiteruze baby, ..... this may be too many for you right now