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Thanks to @GwendalynMorrow for reminding me this movie exists!
This film stars Kpop idol Eungjung from T-ARA and is shot in a more classic Japanese horror style.
We first meet the rookie idol group called "Pink Dolls" as they are performing at a TV competition. Their performance didn't gain them any fans and they lost to the more mainstream girl group, called "Pure."
The group then moves to a new studio with hopes of recording the hit that will finally bring them to stardom.
The girls have trouble getting along because of their different personalities and quirks - Je-ni is insecure with hitting high notes, A-rang, is addicted to cosmetic surgery, Shin-ji can't sing, but is an excellent dancer, and Eun-ju, who is the eldest and former backup dancer and is constantly bullied by the other three.
The real story starts when Eun-ju discovers a tape in the studio entitled "White." The pixelated tape turns out to be an old unreleased music video. Something about the song screams a hit, and since the rights to the song are unknown, their manager gives the okay for them to make the track their own.
They perform "White" on stage, becoming an overnight sensation and with the rise in popularity, the girls turn on each other and struggle for the chance to be the leader, or main role.
Suddenly mysterious, horrible things start happening to the girls - but they are all still focused on being the main singer so they don't ever think to look into the origination of the song.
Finally, Eun-ju and her friend Soon-ye discover the dark secrets behind the original record. Murder, suicide, and of course now a curse. Eun-ju tries all that she can to lift the curse, but it might be too late.
This was a classic, bad, horror movie. Purely fluff and not even a good moral or plot line to excuse it!
But you know what? I like bad horror movies.

6.5/10 for me!

Has anyone else seen it? It's been a while since I have so maybe I'm just forgetting how wonderful it is ;)
I personally like the movie. it was just scary enough to me. a lot of recent horror films is more so about the bloody and body count I thought the was great. I give it a 7 10
watched it last night and I slightly regret watching it soo late at night when I had to wake up early in the morning but it was good not too bloody but not gorey either
Just finished White. Not too scary, solid body count, blood factor in the low to mid range. Nothing too over the top @JonathanPerez. I would rate 5 out of 10. Thanks @kpopandkimchi!
I haven't seen this one but I will
I need to start watching these
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