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I have this story I wanna write and I was just gonna make it a novel but with my fanatical return to anime I am now convinced I should turn this into a manga..... and possibly a series. Only problem is, I have only the bare minimum of details set up. I have their names, I have their basic history and I have the fact that I want them to be SUPER important. They are fraternal twin sister werewolves. They're modern day yin and yang. .. the blonde is the black wolf and the red head is the white wolf. I know I want their parents "assassinated" when they are four. I want them to have been through the "system." The series will start with Jaedyn (Red) getting in a fight (again) at school. This time though, Chrysanthe (blonde) her long lost twin will stop her mid fight.. So I know how I want it to start but I don't know where to make it go. And the pictures above are just starting visuals.
fantasy definitely since they're werewolves.... I want the series to grow like they will. like.... it's their junior year og high school so the first year will be self discovery mostly. last year will be when the shit REALLY starts to hit the fan.
Having previously worked story and character design/development on 2 short lived local manga I will be more that happy to help with what I can
Best of luck to ya @AshelyJewell and @CarlosG also from what you have so far I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested. If it ever becomes a manga I'll definitely look it up.
@AshelyJewell oo i been there. Ok so before we begin. What type of story are you creating. Fantasy. Action. Adventure. Romantic. Comedy. School life.
*sigh* thank you. I'm just in a rut.
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