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The day started pretty normal for a Sunday. At our house, my hubby and I make a big bfast and eat with our kids. He took them out that afternoon before I was picked up by my girlfriend and Kpop baby @SatinSkies
We left at 3:30 with hopes of making it to New Jersey before 6pm...but that was not the case. Road construction, GPS failure, NYCC, holiday traffic, foot traffic, and regular NY traffic caused us to be off schedule by an hour.
By the time we reached the Lincoln Tunnel to NJ, the sun set. It was 6:59pm when we parked. Spending so much time driving we had little to do other things before the show started. My bladder was ready to explode and the light sticks were long sold out. Still, I got a shirt and my friend got one too along with those collectable figures and a CD. We got food and looked for our seats....WHICH WERE CLOSER THAN WE THOUGHT!!
"This is happening?!?!" We were at least 15 feet from the 2nd stage! As soon as I set my food down with my friend I screamed! I was hardly hungry anymore as my body was now being fueled by adrenaline! Just before 8:30..."BANG BANG BANG" STARTED TO PLAY!!
I tried to take some pics but all I had was my cell phone so most of them were far away or blurry! :( This made me especially sad because all my GD pics are either from the screens, blurry, or of his back like that last one up there!
Can I just say that pics don't do Dae justice?! He is much more cute in person! And totally hilarious! He is easily my #3 right now (Sorry Seungri) TOP is also taller than I imagined and dances just as funny on stage as he does behind them!
The loudest of screams always belonged to GD. He commands a stage like a shepard and we are sheep! Lol!! At on point he sat on the 2nd stage in the corner closest to my section and I just cheered and watched him as people took his photo and video. I just wanted his image ingrained in my memory forever.
I think it was during them talking in the last photo that Taeyang said something that made me sad... Loosely quoting him, he said, "We love coming to NY. We do shoots here, videos, concerts... So these days are special because we don't know the next time we'll all be together." I'm not sure if he sad anything similar in LA or Vegas, but that's when it really hit me how lucky I was to be able to see them. Their enlistment is going to put such a huge halt on their careers and change them as individuals and a group. Not to mention, their contract with YG will expire next year as well. So what is the future if BigBang after 2016? I didn't want to think about too much at that moment. I just wanted to enjoy them, "Here and now" I said to myself.
The encore was filled with tons of paper confetti, TOP in a cowboy hat and cane, someone switched hats with Taeyang, Dae waved to our section, and more! I wished it could have gone on longer but I was glad to spend 3 hours in their presence.
I can't thank anyone but my friend for the early birthday gift. She's given me precious memories and more. And we plan on going to see more bands in the future together (we saw Blink 182 years ago) To those who haven't seen them yet and are going to soon, you're in for a ride like no other! This was the best concert I've ever been too!
@SkullBunneh yes!! i loved ri's performance and Dae did steal my heart for a moment because hes just too perfect but GD proved last night that hes the one for me because the moment I saw him my heart dropped
@Marilovexoxo Ri's solo performance was awesome and the graphics for Taeyang song was very cool. But Dae stole my heart a bit from GD that night with his silliness. TOP did not disappoint! Doom Dada was off the chain! @kpopandkimchi Lol thanks! I love my blue hair. it's also half that color in the back. I seriously could not believe how close we were! Even now I'm like, "I could see the whites in the eyes! Dae looked at me!! TOP is so tall!!"
I had soo much fun too and when top was speaking english it was the cutest thing ever and it did make me really sad when taeyang was thanking us hes a sweetheart before they came out for soundcheck he was talking to us from backstage and hes really the biggest sweetheart ever! and did you see when GD started tearing up I almost cried haha but I'll be able to share all the pictures I have of GD and them I even have one of Top mid hipthrust lol and yeah Daesungs pictures dont do him justice hes perfect and definitely top on my list and I have to say seungri looked Amazing. and GD's Haircut!!!! I loved it! I was upset before because I loved the orange but as soon as I saw his new hair I died it was perfect