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Every day I'm smiling. Every day I'm having fun with people.
But, in reality, I'm crying inside.
Like the girl who swings by herself. Waiting for somebody to come. Whether it be the simplest of conversations; that would make a whole day brighter.
Without a clear meaning, life goes on. Days come and go. Yet, it all seems the same.
When things are not like water, clear to see and pure, I act like everything is okay. Through the cloudy skys, I look for the answer. The answer to, if I'm truely alone.
In the end, I tell myself that everything is going to be okay. That there is always tomorrow. The smile appears once again, but stays. For the heart is there, bare and unprotected, and true.
this was beautiful to read. I understand some of these emotions all too well.
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wonderful... thts scul for me
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