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My Favorite Leading Lady: Jun Jihyun

As part of Ladies Week I would love it if everyone posted a card about their favorite leading ladies! So, who is mine, you ask?

Jun Jihyun!

Don't let scenes like this fool you...Jun Jihyun roles are all strong independent ladies that can take care of themselves! Just in their own, unique way ;D
In My Love From Another Star, she was a top actress. Even though she came off as pretty dumb, she was street smart, knew what she deserved on a business side, and was fiercely loyal to her friends.
In Thieves she was an awesome thief/spy who could scale huge buildings and steal millions of dollars. She's a TOTAL bad ass.
In My Sassy Girl she was exactly that lol - a sassy girl. She was tough, a little insane, and just an all around hilarious character. This is a classic Korean movie if you haven't caught it yet!

Basically, she's a queen and you should all bow down.

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Have anyone watch Assassination ? (she is lead character ), (●´∀`●) so freaking good movie.
@cindystran hard to tell in detail, JJH is trained to be a assassin, she kill all Japanese and Korean traitor, even her father ( cuz the story took place during Japan dominate Korea). Worth to watch.
@Luphy woah sounds intense! I might watch it once i have more free time. Thanks for the quick summar!