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I'm not gonna put up all of them just the ones i think are contenders. I am doing only Japanese because i think the originals are better with the only exception being probably the Pokemon theme.The original is one because lets face it its the first one, its chill, and unique.
Ok as i started doing this i realized this is really hard but I am going to keep at it. This is probably one of my overall favorites and to me one of the most memorable. 2 and 3 were also very epic.
This is my last one for naruto not only is the song and intro animations awesome but the stuff that happened during this chapter the big naruto vs. sasuke fight. The Feels...
This i one of my favorites as well and it also brought out the feels because we were finally gonna see sasuke.
I mean the song is soo somber and sad just like the arc i mean the sasuke vs itachi fight the jiraiya vs pain fight and just soo many feels :,(
It was rough but this is my last shippuden one feel free too say any other ones you like these are my top six.
@MorganEbert I was crying making this too realized how much time I actually have spent watching this show
@JalilFarrakhan the new three way deadlock episode was too hype
馃槶馃槶馃槶I was legit sobbing at the fourth one馃槶馃槶馃槶brings back soooooo many memories
I always Like Opening 15. That one was definitely one of the best for me 馃槅
hmmm its so hard to pick one... maybe opening 6? its the most emotional to me
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