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In response to Ladies Week, I decided to tip my hat to the girl that helped pave the way for other bad ass female characters in the area of video gaming. Everyone's favorite intergalactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran.
In 1986, Metroid was introduced and everyone was shocked to find that Samus.....
Was actually a girl! O.O
Years later, Samus has not lost her edge.... nor her sexiness while wielding that deadly arm cannon as she ventures the galaxies in search of her next bounty.
Sadly, due to Nintendo's unwillingness to take a risk, we may not ever get treated to a live action movie. I did, however, find this impressive, animated short by Dave Rapoza. @shannonl5
@danidee lol!! Wouldn't it be useful?! @LAVONYORK my brothers were all freaking out. "WHAT?!!" Meanwhile, I was doing a happy dance. It's great to be surprised like that... and to have a woman kicking butt for so long!
It must be nice to have an arm cannon. It would really help me open up canned food.
duuuuude. I love Samus. one of the original BAMFs of the industry, woman or not. I think she helped make a great stride forward for games, even if there are some inherent issues with her own representation. Just remember- Other M never happened.
@mchlyang @LAVONYORK yeah! It's such a great reveal. People totally lost it XD
It's so funny that no one wants to believe that was a women under that helmet lol.
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