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Bachata has been dominated by men, but Andre Veloz is a leading female voice who's getting noticed. She wants more women to gain recognition in the genre, and she's hopeful. Veloz is originally from the Dominican Republic but now calls New York City her home, and she has been living in the city since 2014. In Veloz' bio she says that " female bachata singers are like Unicorns. People think we are a myth, but WE DO EXIST! And she's definitely right.
Veloz took the stage in Richmond for the Richmond Folk Festival on October 11th! The festival attracts several thousand people to celebrate the variety of American culture, which includes music, dance, storytelling and food.

Check out one of her most recent performances at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market:


...By the way, where are all of my Latin Music fans!!!????
ALSOOOOO @Shannonl5 is running a new thing this week and it's called Ladies' Week. Check it outttt!
ahhhhh @ButterflyBlu you should introduce me ;) I need to work on my dance moves!
I don't know about California as a whole. Most that I know are out of LA. There are a couple of local clubs here where I live... but still, I am only 60 miles out of LA. The guys that I dance with... one is Italian, one is Mexican, 2 are Dominican. They all dance Bachata exceptionally well. lol
@ButterflyBlu, you're a dancer! Do you know bachata? :D
Is there a lot of Dominincans in Cali??? @butterflyblu
@alywoah Hahaha!! I Understand!! I truly do. I know a few. Come to Cali and I'll show you where to find some!
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