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With NYCC (New York Comic Con) out of the way, there are a bunch of leaks circulating our favorite nerd-centric media. And one of the bigger, or more high profile leaks, is the 30 second teaser/promo for Daredevil Season 2.
We know that the second season is going to introduce Elektra and that it's basically going to be Daredevil vs. The Punisher and that being said, it's easy to assume that the promo teases both of these elements. We get a quick glimpse of Elektra and some dialogue from Frank Castle (insert boyish shriek).
It's only 30 seconds long so it isn't much but it's just enough to get us excited for the next season. But at least we get to go back to Marvel's version of Hell's Kitchen with Jessica Jones coming out next month.
It took me a little bit longer than I had expected to find this teaser online because most links I found were either very grainy cell-phone footage or taken down due to copyright claims. And if the teaser isn't above because it got taken down, well, I'm sorry but also it made me think about the nature of the leaked footage and how it's become something important (in a way).
I mean, how often do we get excited and pumped about finding leaked footage and then how often do we get upset when it gets taken down? I'm a part of this, too. Watching or finding leaked footage is usually a quest that takes a little too long with a small reward. While I'm excited that I got to hear Jon Bernthal as my favorite character, I didn't really see anything.
It was definitely something I could have waited for, you know? It didn't change my life. It would've been a nice surprise whenever it gets officially released by Netflix. Part of me is starting to think that leaked footage/anything is ruining the "surprise" of new shows/movies. And I'm not really sure how it became something that was standard for the consumption of visual content.
@yukanichii check it out!!!! Season 2 looks like it's going to be EPIC ^_^
@shannon15 I knooowwww I want it NOW
@shannon15 I did! XD
A OH!!!
Man I can't wait for this show to come out. One of my favorites from the past year. Jon Bernthal is a solid actor also, I'm sure he will do great on this show
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