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I think the reason we love flirting tips is because we ALL want to be able to walk into a room and instantly enthrall the person we desire. How cool would it be, to have the superpower to just completely captivate the person of your dreams? Make them think about you all the time, blow their mind with your awesomeness...
Sadly, we don't have that superpower. So we resort to doing our best with what we have, and reading a whole bunch of my flirting tips (you can follow the collections if you want more – For Guys and For Girls)!

But I think there's one flirting tip that is so much more important than the rest, and will help you on your journey to irresistible attractiveness (or at the very least, will totally help you snag your dream-bae).

And that tip is:

have fun!

I know, I know, it doesn't sound like much. Or maybe it sounds too obvious. But I think oftentimes, people forget just how powerful a smile can be!
Truth: when you're carefree, having fun with your friends, being happy and enjoying life to its fullest, you are at your most attractive.
People want to be happy, and so they want happy people in their lives. Being someone filled with life and vigor is magnetic. If you have fun everywhere you go, people will be attracted to that and want in!
You don't have to strut it or go crazy; just remember, being happy and doing what you love – basically, having fun in your life – is key for attracting people to you. And if you do it in your own way (nothing fake or forced), you're way more likely to attract people with whom you are compatible.

So get out there and have a ball!!

What do you guys think? Is this a good tip?? I was hesitating sharing it for some time because I wasn't sure if I could articulate it correctly... I hope I've done a good job explaining myself. >.<
sorry. i hope i didnt make it sound like it wasnt a good idea. it is, but i just think deeply about everything. but it is a good idea to be happy and attract the ones we are attracted to.
i tînk it is a good tip. but what if someone isnt really happy and they are faking it? what if someone is deeply depressed and given up on happiness? they can come off as happy if they want to be seen as attractive and then attract only people who only like to be around people who seem happy and positive and fun all the time. and then lose them when they see they arent really happy. it is true that most people only want to keep company with others when it makes them feel good. they are not concerned with being a good partner or friend but they are concerned with just being around whoever or whatever makes them feel good. i dont even want this type of person in my life. i would rather attract people who know my true self and are interested in being a good friend to me. some of the most depressed people are also the ones who care the most. but it is a good flirt tip just for the purpose of attracting people.
But yes @MelissaMae thank you so much for helping me to articulate that :) <3
@MelissaMae you don't need to apologize!! I really appreciate the thoughtful comment :) and to be honest, some of what you said crossed my mind when I was writing it. I don't want to make people think they need to fake happiness in order to be attractive. You should NEVER try to be someone you're not, especially for the purposes of attracting a potential partner. Ya hear me, everybody?? NEVER!!! :D You are awesome just the way you are, whether you are sad or happy or depressed or ill... there is no right way to be human. We all have our beauties and our flaws. But that being said, maybe I should add... I think that if you are not happy with your life and yourself, the way it is, the way YOU are, I almost think it's better to "date" yourself for a while, and get to know yourself and your needs better. Because I truly believe you need to be a whole person, standing on your own two feet, before you enter a relationship (if you want it to be healthy). When I was younger and more insecure and depressed, my relationships all ended in ruins. I was so much sadder when I was with someone else than when I was single. And then I realized I needed to take some time for myself, to figure ME out. So that's what I would say to the people who do not want to fake happiness. :) Put yourself first, and take time to love and care for yourself. Don't worry about other people just yet <3 Because you deserve to find true love, just like everybody else, and the first place to find that is with yourself!! <3
I agree that the only way to find happiness is to first be happy yourself, and that one first needs to find it inside themselves first before looking for it in someone else, I also think that it is possible to find that person who can help those who have lost sight of that happiness. but I now go geek mode and leave this with one of the truest fazes I've ever heard( don't beg for thongs, do it yourself, or you won't get anything) that is what my motto is and keep looking to the future.
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