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AOTD: I really can't choose a favorite song. Each song has their own uniqueness to them. Especially BaeBae if you guys know what I mean. //winks I don't know if it is just me but when I listen to Loser, it just brings the the inner Loser in me and like you all know the emotions. Bang Bang Bang and We Like 2 Party brings out the inner party animal in a way since they are also fun songs to dance too. Sober and If You are like songs after breakup so they kind of mix well. Then there is Zutter and Let's Not Fall In Love. Since Zutter is like a gang like/bad ass song, it can be like they are gangs but they try not to fall in love. coughsifyoutakethisideacredmecoughs //shot So what's your fave song?
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it's so hard to choose!! But I fell in love with Loser when I heard it. Just so much emotion and its such a powerful song <3
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enjoy the whole album if I had to choose one it would be bang bang bang.
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oh well Baebae, Bang Bang, Zutter and d rest follows
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I love bang bang bang, it just makes me want to dance!
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Ah, and there's saber too!
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