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I asked you all yesterday on this card about which historical drama I should watch and I got a ton of great suggestions!

Here are the 8 that caught my eye and what I think about them:

Orange Marmalade

So there are vampires that don't drink blood anymore and are living in modern times just like regular humans. do we get back to the Joseon era?! I'm super confused - someone needs to write a card and do a rundown of this drama for me :D
@JaxomB @MattK95 Thanks for the suggestion!

Moon Embracing the Sun

A king falls in love with a shaman. There are murders and backstabbing and political nonsense and it has Soohyun in it. I am very interested.
@tayunnie @Kamiamon Thanks for the suggestion!

Gu Family Book

Martial arts, monsters, a secret spell to become human, and a Suzy/Seunggi pairing?! Yes I dare say you can count me in.

Bridal Mask

This drama takes place during the Japanese occupation and follows a Korean police officer works for the Japanese government. When he has been asked to betray his own coutrymen, chaos unfolds. I rarely see dramas about this era so I'd love to see what else I can learn from it.
@najalong1998 @veeyang5 @tayunnie Thanks for the suggestion!

Sungkyungkwan Scandal

I love anything with Yoochun in it so I'm already sold. Throw Joongki into the mix and game over - I think I need to watch this. It's about a girl who disguises herself as a boy in order to attend a prestigious school.
@veeyang5 Thanks for the suggestion!

Queen Seondeok

62 EPISODES ARE YOU GUYS TRYING TO KILL ME?! This drama follows the life of Queen Seondeok who was the second female ruler ever in East Asian history and encouraged a renaissance in thought, literature, and the arts! She also sounds like a total bad ass.
@cindystran @tayunnie @russelroche47 Thanks for the suggestion!

Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire

Kim Bum and Moon Geunyoung! I love them both so much! This sounds really interesting but also super heartbreaking so I don't know if I want to dive into a tragic but beautiful Korean drama just yet.
@SabrinaSakura Thanks for the suggestion!

Arang and the Magistrate

I love ghost stories so much, omg. The fact that this is classified as a "horror-romance drama" makes me want to watch it even more. It's about a ghost that comes back to uncover the truth about her death!
@cindystran @kjnguyen @adikiller Thanks for the suggestion!

So, out of these 8:

Which is the best for a first time historical drama-watcher?

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Gu Family Book. It has so many twists and turns, and suspence moments.
I love sungkyungkwan scandal! it has suspense, comedy, romance, park yoonchun, and the oh so gorgeous yoo ah in!!!
i've seen arang and the magistrate as well!! it was awesome!! The Princess Man and The night watchmen's journal are also awesome xD
Gu Family Book!!! It's really awesome. ones you start watching it you cannot stop!! yeah!!!
For a first time historical drama watcher I would pick one of the fun ones like Sungkyunkwan Scandal or Arang and the Magistrate.