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Bet You Can't Guess Who!

It's time for another round of comics trivia!

If you haven't played this game with us before: it's really easy. I give you some hints and a few days, and you try to guess what character I'm thinking of in the comments! Last time @shantalcamara got the answer! This week I thought I'd make things a bit easier... by opening it up to the DC universe! That's right, the character I'm thinking of could be from Marvel or DC.
Here are the hints:
She had her own 137-issue comic This first character appeared before World War II She got married in 1996

You have until Friday to guess! I'll reveal the answer then.

I challenge all of you to figure this one out!

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@shannonl5 my brother is SWEARING it has to be Wonder Woman. I say Lois Lane. We've been arguing about this since last night in the middle of Agents of SHIELD.
@shannonl5 soooo ummm it's Friday 馃榿. No pressure, just to let you know it's Friday 馃榿. And Wonder Woman is the greatest, just in case you didn't know. Soooo ummmm yeaaaa!!!!鈽猴笍 lol