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As promised, here are the rules of dressing Lolita~ 1. You need lots of petticoats, and I would definitely recommend getting lots of petticoats that of which are different lengths to fit each dress perfectly. 2. You should never show your petticoat ever, and it should never be seen below the skirt of your dress. 3. NEVER show your shoulders ever. 4. NEVER wear any kind of low cut JSK (or any JSK) without a blouse underneath. 5. Cleavage is forbidden 6. Avoid showing your bare legs as much as possible.
However, showing this part of your legs is accepted by most Lolita's as long as your wearing thigh highs. 7. Do not let your dresses be too short (If you are a tall Lolita, you will definitely struggle with this rule). A bit above the knee is as short as you can go, because Lolita's are very modest. 8. Bloomers are optional, but HIGHLY recommended, as wearing regular underwear or thongs will just be impractical and uncomfortable under several petticoats and a dress, not to mention impossible to fix if you have a weggie. Another point to wear bloomers is, imagine the petticoats rubbing against your bare upper thighs all day (unless you're wearing stockings). 9. Coordination is a must, as outfits in Lolita are not called "outfits" but are called "coords" or "coordinates". The colors and themes MUST match 100%. Here is a collection of some well done coords for you~
I hope you enjoyed learning about Lolita fashion! And I will soon be back with a card listing some popular Lolita youtubers and instagramers. Until next time, bye (\^.^/)