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Yuki Nonaka: Gorgeous
Gorgeous きらびやかな Kirabiyakana formal or ゴージャス Gōjasu Informal (Friends) or 花やか Hanayaka Informal (peers you dont know) @Priscillasdoor
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I added gorgasu thanks to you ill look for that third way here soon so that way its here too
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Oh you should put what's formal and what isn't for non comments readers haha
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also there are other words that say gorgeous but has other words with it in japanese too so Im only adding japanese vocabulary that only mean Gorgeous
2 years ago·Reply
Also the other words up here are the common place words for each vocabulary word and only certain ones like gorgeous and beautiful have different words in japaneses that have other words that only mean that vocabulary word out of all the cards at this time. If you see anything else let me know please and thank you
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Hella hyped to see what happens to basara!!!
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