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I'm pretty good at picking up some of the more intricate things about filmmaking while I watch movies (the way the scene is set up, the angles used, the sense of depth, etc.). But after watching this video essay (below) that The Verge put up about the manipulation of emotions by using color, I realized that maybe I haven't been paying as much attention as I thought I was.
It's really interesting (see: awesome) how they breakdown different genres of movies to certain color schemes. Since it's a short video, they don't really get too in-depth with every genre but they cover the subject just enough for the viewer to get an understanding.
It honestly made me think of the two colors they cover in the video essay itself; blue and orange. They're two colors that immediately catch the eye since they're complementary but try and think of all the times you've seen them in advertisements. Or on television, movies, and video games.
I think it's an interesting experiment to try on your own. Like, if you went home tonight after reading this and decided to watch your favorite movie just to see how the colors of each scene added (or, maybe, detracted) from the overall emotion of the scene.
If you're a crazy person/ghost (like myself) and you're going to try this at some point, I left Pluchik's Wheel of Emotions in the next block as an easy guide to what the filmmakers are trying to make you feel. Enjoy and have fun, I know I will.