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Thank you all for the amazing discussion yesterday!

We can still keep that one going, but it's time to open a new thread: the treatment of women in fan spaces. We had a discussion last week about conventions, and the social reasons male fans are so possessive of the fandoms they're in. There's also been a really interesting conversation emerging on this card about racebent cosplay, and whether or not conventions and other fan spaces have been made unsafe for nonwhite fans, and it seems like this concern applies very much to this conversation! Some things to consider:
What kinds of boundaries are necessary for a space that's safe for everyone? How has sexual harassment changed the culture of fan spaces? What is lost when we exclude certain kinds of fans? Is anything gained? Have you ever felt like you didn't belong in a fan space?

Leave your replies to the prompt below!

I think people who get butthurt about racebending cosplays are the worst kind of fan. they're the kinds of fans who think that there is no space for reimagining within a creative medium, which is the grossest thing a fan can do. In terms of the sexual harassment issue, that's also really gross. someone gets dressed up because that's something they enjoy, something they want to do. it should never be an invitation to be touched or handled by anyone else. just because power girl has a boob window doesn't mean you should be reaching through it.
as someone who has never been to any of these types of events, it is hard for me to relate. however, i feel that a zero tolerance policy should be enforced by event staff and security. just look at the kinds of violence the have occured at sporting events. people go out of love for their team and end up attacking those who don't aggree with them. as for sexual harrassment, it will be an issue until everyone is properly educated and social protocols are enforced by the masses i.e. the zero tolerance policy. different races and cultures can only bring greater enrichment to social events and such interactions should be fostered so we can all grow as human beings. we are all people, we all have different stories to tell, and we should all show respect for one another.
@SaSevy you bring up some great points! I think you're right, zero tolerance is probably the way to go here. It's about the safety of the event for everyone. I remember this being a huge issue at My Little Pony conventions. There were a lot of adults (mostly men) making really inappropriate comments and doing things that made the other fans (kids!!) feel very unsafe. I imagine it must be difficult to enforce those kinds of policies? But that's not an excuse not to try. And ultimately, you're right and @DonovanMoore you mention this too, the culture really needs to change. It happens outside of fan spaces too. It's not like this is unique to fandom at all! @MaighdlinS I think I agree with you. If anything, it feels like we gain a lot when we include people with different viewpoints and perspectives. @RobertMarsh @JonPatrickHyde, that seems like something you'd have a lot of great thoughts about ^_^ @KarlythePanda66 if you're not comfortable commenting in a public space you can always message me!
Nothing is gained from excluding people because of who they are.
@LAVONYORK that's true. Unfortunately people can be very selfish, which is a shame. @VinMcCarthy That's right I think. The really beautiful thing about media, in my opinion, is that it sort of belongs to everyone. Copyright issues aside (which is another card for another day), when a character gets big enough, they sort of become part of our culture. which is for everyone. And reimaginging media to be more inclusive is absolutely in the spirit of that. And I totally agree with you about harassment. I think that ties into what @donovanMoore and @SaSevy were saying. That culture exists everywhere. Maybe it's more magnified in fan spaces, maybe fans are just more vocal about it- I'm honestly not sure. Maybe it's just a hot issue in fandom right now. But it's not unique to fans and fan spaces
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