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This edition of the Badass Women of Anime changes things up a little bit; this time around, we're going to focus on a villain! And not just any villain, a major villain from Soul Eater:

Medusa Gorgon

Medusa is indisputably the most evil character in the entire Soul Eater anime. This does not detract from her badassery. In fact, it kind of adds to it.

She's an incredibly powerful witch, capable of fighting on a level with the likes of Stein, pushing him to the edges of his limits.

She is a master manipulator, especially when she is forced to take possession of the child Rachel's body. She manages to convince people to believe in her.

Plus on top of all those other qualities, she has some serious style. Look at that dope-ass hoodie.

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nope to be exact in the jap anime they never mentioned it had a gender. but in English they call him a he.
"Contrary to popular belief, The idea in which "Crona is a male in the anime but female in the manga." is false. Both official translations from Funimation and Yen Press use male pronouns and noted to not be the sex of the character. Atsushi Okubo stated himself that Crona's sex is unknown."- officail wiki page @janekhon I had to look it up before lol
@Ash2424701 okay then I'll just have to think of her as a hermaphrodite :)
lol oh god
As many times as I watch this anime...I still can't get enough of it!!